A message from Jerry & Matt, owners and managers of SFN

Hello there! To sum up our business approach: we love people and we love to vape. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We knew since the time we started vaping, that our area was in dire need of a Vape shop. It didn’t take long after going from far away vape shops to more distant vape shops before I gave serious thought to starting my own place. I thought what fun it would be and how might I run my store without some of the negative experiences I had had when I started vaping. Little did I know that one of my first customers Matt would become my first employee and finally even my business partner.

Visit Our Beautiful Stores


We are still learning about this growing marketplace and love to talk to customers and share and receive  that knowledge.  We offer free samples for all of our signature SFN and vendor flavors every day so please come down and visit anytime.

The Smoke Free Nation Difference


Both Matt and I have had some less than enjoyable experiences with up-selling and being left to learn by fire, trial, error and worse, by big hits to the wallet in our years of vaping. This being said, those kind of experiences are what we are adamant about avoiding with our Vape shop.

Smoke Free Nation Staff